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03: Caesura

The awards just keep on coming — no breaks for the Twotties! The third award has again been funded by big daddy Google*, and it goes to a LiveJournal appropriately titled Caesura (Runners-up: Binomial Marketing Experiment, Yarr!). I never got the hang of LJs, so mimicking the tone of one is a challenge; but there’s no stopping this day’s…

Twot It!: Caesura


She’s called me a ‘bastard’, a ‘fucking bastard’, and ‘psycho bastard’. Last night was bummer – she called me a sissy! I mean, it’s not manly at all. What did I do to deserve this? My reaction to a rude eulogy Patti wrote for an anime character? Come on! Anime characters are human beings, too!

But it’s all right; I got to finish ALL the episodes of Naruto last night! (3 AM! w00t! (^_^)) She told me, Dino, get a life! then called me a sissy again. What’s up with that? As if she isn’t wasting her whole life with her blog. At least, I only post once per day.

Gah. Sissy. Sissy! It’s making me mad. Excuse me while I calm down for a minute. I need it.


Nevertheless, Patti still loves me. I don’t know, I just feel it. Damn girl made me drink some love concoction, yes, maybe that’s it. She’d turn to a lion just after being a dove, but I’d rather have the good with the bad than no good and all bad.


I’d like to not forgive her for insulting Aizen – damn, I love that character! – but an atheist like me can be a moralist, unlike the opinion breathed from others’ minds. I’d forgive her, just to spite these people.


Or maybe, just maybe, I’m really a sissy after all.


There. Got to stop writing now. The Company’s been asking requiring us to work overtime recently, what with the new products and upgrades. Ciao!

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*Google Blogsearch results as of 04:00 PM, January 18, 2005.

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