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The Words That Blog Us
The TWoTBlog — Home of the Twotties!

15: Obfuscate

Twottie ObfuscateObfuscate is a word I first encountered in programming. Curiously, the word that best describes “obfuscate” is obfuscated. Ah, the wonders of the English language. Recursive definitions rock.

This day’s Twottie goes to Don’t Forget to Breathe (at least, that’s clear enough). Runner-Up honors go to Sorting It All Out and REParsed, both techie blogs (told you).

Twot It!: Obfuscate

This is an attempt to expurgate all calumnous notions that people possess of this author, and in by doing so I may be unwittingly undermining the fabric of this universe; it is advisable for the reader to refrain from any untoward action so as to avoid any misunderstanding between him and the author.

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BO: Blogger Nicknames

This isn’t necessarily an odd blog behavior, but it’s still interesting enough to write down!

Like in real life, our online names earn those cute spin-offs by which other bloggers affectionately call us. If people begin calling you by names other than your ‘original’ nom de plume, then you know you have your own “blog family”.

Blogger monickers can be shortened versions of the original name. Transience is fondly called “Trans” (often with “dearie” attached after it) by her readers. Sunset Eyes is called “Sunset”, which is amusing, because the original and shortened names hold different meanings.

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BO: Blog Squatting

No, this one doesn’t have to be a bad Blog Oddity, as long as the ’squatter’ has good intentions.

When you lose control of your blog domain and someone else moves in and uses it, then you have been the victim of blog squatting.

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14: Nom de Plume

Twottie Nom de PlumeMany people interchange nom de plume with nom de guerre, but there’s no confusion of any sort here in TWoTBlog — only Twotties to be given away and Blog Oddities to be exposed! No extra enchalada, dearies.

The Twottie goes to Cooking NFO, with Nom de Plume and Robert as Runners-Up. As for the last blog — not much of a pen name, eh?

Twot It!: Nom de Plume

I’ve noticed that my writing is most often tied to reality; in fact, moi as a writer is too much tied to reality. I get real stuff out there — real stories, real people, real places — then decide which fictional ingredients will spice them up. Now, I’m going to do it the other way around.

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13: Megadeath

Twottie MegadeathDeath is common (the word, too), but megadeath isn’t. As such, I Like Music should feel honored, for the blog wins today’s rare Twottie! I mean, all our Twotties are rare. The runners-Up are One Canadian Voice and Dubious Quality.

Twot It!: Megadeath

Years upon years of war damage has sidelined the grunting, upright simians of planet Earth, giving them a needed break from strife and a few decades without touching a WMD.

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12: Lucubrate

Twottie Lucubrate

Today’s winner is so dominating it monopolized the first 10 Google* search pages!

We’re happy to announce that the Twottie goes to a fellow Filipino blog, Lucubrate (Runners-Up: Dapper Danger, EPinionated).

Twot It!: Lucubrate

I saw a woman’s face in my dream, with that stupid smile which tells me that she’s wriiten another ‘masterpiece’. It made me pee in pajamas, yes, that smile of hers.

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BO: I Deleted My Blog!

Blog deletion. It’s a (comic) tragedy for some people, a fresh start for others. Whatever the reason is, the loss of a blog is still a loss for the blogosphere, so serious an act that it is TWoTBlog’s third Blog Oddity.

Here’s a video of a blogger unlucky enough to have deleted his blog by accident. (Quicktime movie.)

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11: Kulak

Twottie KulakKulak is Russian for what Filipinos call “mayamang iskwater“.

TWoTBlog is filthy rich with Twotties, and we aren’t loathe to give today’s trophy to Tales From the Coffeehouse. Runners-Up The Holistic Economy and Broken Hill Boy will have to settle for nominal recognition, something we always give away, too!

Twot It!: Kulak

On the way out are the Only Rich and Only Poor Men. Rich Poor Men are the fad nowadays. You can see them everytime on teevee — ex-beggar politicians who now own real estate companies, farmers breaking their backs tilling foreign land they actually own, and NIA Road squatters who own condo units and SUVs. (Read the article)

10: Jo

Twottie JoTwo posts ago we had the longest TWoTBlog word; now, here’s the shortest! “Jo” is known to all serious Scrabble players as the only two-letter ‘j’ word, and thus occupies a special place in their hearts.

This historic Twottie goes to Spanglemonkey (Runners-up: Just Jo, Radical Left). Even though they only won because the bloggers’ names all have “jo” in them, we continue with today’s…

Twot It!: Jo

I like it all quiet when I blog.

The only sound I want to hear is my fingers softly clicking the mouse and tapping the keys. It’s soothing, this music of blogging. (Read the article)

09: Invidious

Twottie Invidious

This day’s Twottie, for the word “invidious“, goes to
The Neighborhood Retail Alliance, with Outside Damage and “Senator” T Powers as Runners-Up.

Twot It!: Invidious

UP officials would do well to introduce reforms to the University Website, as implied by the writings of a self-proclaimed student senator from an American college.

The website’s background color, we believe, discriminates against male visitors, as they might not find it manly enough for them. “The website needs to be Flashy. Literally!” a bespectacled isko said to TWoTBlog.

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